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The Jamie Lloyd Company presents a complete season of Harold Pinter’s one-act plays to celebrate the legacy of the Nobel Prize-winning British writer on the 10th anniversary of his death. This unique theatrical event will play at the Harold Pinter Theatre from 6 September 2018 to 23 February 2019, and promises an unforgettable celebration of the“most influential, provocative and poetic dramatist of his generation” (The Guardian).

Pinter at the Pinter

I have had the pleasure of being cast as Mavis in Pinter Four: Moonlight/Night School. I will be acting and drumming live on stage at the Harold Pinter theatre in London from 1 Nov – 8 Dec 2018.

“An East End criminal returns home from prison to find his room has been occupied by a mysterious woman with a secret. Set in the sweaty nightclubs and claustrophobic boarding houses of 1960s London, this is a rare opportunity to see the brilliantly witty and vivid Night School, directed by the inventive young director, Ed Stambollouian.”

Cast of Night School: Jessica Barden – Sally, Robert Glenister – Solto, Peter Polycarpou – Tully, Janie Dee – Milly, Brid Brennan – Annie, Al Weaver – Walter, Dwane Walcott – Charlie, Isis Hainsworth – Barbara, Abbie Finn – Mavis.

Pinter Four 2018 Cast
Al Weaver, Isis Hainsworth, Abbie Finn, Jessica Barden, Brid Brennan, Janie Dee, Robert Glenister, Peter Polycarpou and Dwane Walcott
Some of the cast members from Pinter at the Pinter 2018-19


Russell Corbett – Bebop Spoken Here – “Award-winning drummer Abbie has been cast in the playwright’s early ’60s work.”

Kath Hartley – Leeds College of Music – “Hailing from the North East, Abbie Finn is a versatile drummer, composer, arranger and bandleader.”

Marissa Khaos – The Up Coming – “Abbie Finn’s impeccable drumming is vivifying as Barden dances sensually in the club.”

Kate Kellaway – Observer (Guardian) – “There is a first-rate cast in both plays, especially Al Weaver as a watery-eyed jailbird and Peter Polycarpou as a nightclub manager, and Abbie Finn, the drummer, who sets the evening on a roll.”

Domonic Maxwell – The Times – ” Onstage Drummer Abbie Finn thwacks out jazzy beats.” “Ravishing, bare-staged revival.”

Natasha Tripney – The Stage – “Abbie Finn plays the drums, sitting behind her kit at the back of Soutra Gilmour’s set, the percussive thunder adding to the atmosphere.”

Chris Omaweng – London Theatre 1– “There’s some good live drumming from Abbie Finn, who also gets some dialogue towards the end of the play.”

Judi Herman – Jewish Renaissance – “The action is orchestrated by drummer Abbie Finn, who sits at her drum kit onstage throughout.”

Paul Taylor – Independent – “Night School, written for the radio in 1979, comes across with real comic-sinister freshness – it unfolds to a nagging live-drum accompaniment.”

Peter Polycarpou, Abbie Finn, Robert Glenister

Marc Brenner Photography

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