Pinter Four

The Jamie Lloyd Company presents a complete season of Harold Pinter’s one-act plays to celebrate the legacy of the Nobel Prize-winning British writer on the 10th anniversary of his death. This unique theatrical event will play at the Harold Pinter Theatre from 6 September 2018 to 23 February 2019, and promises an unforgettable celebration of the“most influential, provocative and poetic dramatist of his generation” (The Guardian).

Pinter at the Pinter

I have had the pleasure of being cast as Mavis in Pinter Four: Moonlight/Night School. I will be acting and drumming live on stage at the Harold Pinter theatre in London from 1 Nov – 8 Dec 2018.

“An East End criminal returns home from prison to find his room has been occupied by a mysterious woman with a secret. Set in the sweaty nightclubs and claustrophobic boarding houses of 1960s London, this is a rare opportunity to see the brilliantly witty and vivid Night School, directed by the inventive young director, Ed Stambollouian.”

Cast of Night School: Jessica Barden – Sally, Robert Glenister – Solto, Peter Polycarpou – Tully, Janie Dee – Milly, Brid Brennan – Annie, Al Weaver – Walter, Dwane Walcott – Charlie, Isis Hainsworth – Barbara, Abbie Finn – Mavis.


Pinter Four 2018 Cast

Some of the cast members from Pinter at the Pinter 2018-19.

Russell Corbett – Bebop Spoken Here – “Award-winning drummer Abbie has been cast in the playwright’s early ’60s work.”

Kath Hartley – Leeds College of Music – “Hailing from the North East, Abbie Finn is a versatile drummer, composer, arranger and bandleader.”

Marissa Khaos – The Up Coming – “Abbie Finn’s impeccable drumming is vivifying as Barden dances sensually in the club.”

Kate Kellaway – Observer (Guardian) – “There is a first-rate cast in both plays, especially Al Weaver as a watery-eyed jailbird and Peter Polycarpou as a nightclub manager, and Abbie Finn, the drummer, who sets the evening on a roll.”

Domonic Maxwell – The Times – ” Onstage Drummer Abbie Finn thwacks out jazzy beats.” “Ravishing, bare-staged revival.”

Natasha Tripney – The Stage – “Abbie Finn plays the drums, sitting behind her kit at the back of Soutra Gilmour’s set, the percussive thunder adding to the atmosphere.”

Chris Omaweng – London Theatre 1– “There’s some good live drumming from Abbie Finn, who also gets some dialogue towards the end of the play.”

Judi Herman – Jewish Renaissance – “The action is orchestrated by drummer Abbie Finn, who sits at her drum kit onstage throughout.”

Paul Taylor – Independent – “Night School, written for the radio in 1979, comes across with real comic-sinister freshness – it unfolds to a nagging live-drum accompaniment.”


Marc Brenner Photography

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